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Eternity's Bride is an unofficial SFW, for-profit wedding-themed zine focused on Raiden Ei, and Yae Miko's love.The main focus of the content produced should be on Ei and Yae Miko, but can include other characters such as those that they are affiliated with or know. The interpretation of their wedding can either be traditional or modern, depending on the contributors’ preference.This project is made by fans, for fans; we are in no way affiliated with HoYoverse, nor does HoYoverse endorse this project.

Project LaunchJan 15
Interest CheckJan 25 - Feb 22
Contributor ApplicationsFeb 28 - Apr 11
Contributor Results SentApr 15
Last Day to AcceptApr 22
Pitches DueApr 27
Pitches AcceptedApr 30
Check-in 1May 20
Check-in 2June 20
Check-in 3July 20
Final SubmissionAug 5

Q: What is a zine?
A: Zines are similar to shortened magazines and are filled with art and writing. This zine will feature fan-made content about Raiden Ei and Miko's relationship within the setting of their wedding.
Q: What are the specs of this zine?
A: It will be A5, perfect-bound and fully-coloured, expected to be around 100-110 pages.
Q: Can I ship Yae Miko with the Shogun?
A: Although it is generally accepted that they are separate entities, it is also known that the Shogun cannot exist without Ei. It is up to the contributors' interpretation of Ei's character to determine whether they are the same, or not. Hence, ShogunMiko content will be permitted in this zine.
Q: Do I need zine experience to apply?
A: Not at all! If you have any concerns, you’re more than welcome to send us your queries through our Peing and the mods will be happy to clear your doubts.
Q: Will there be merchandise?
A: Yes, there will be merchandise which can be purchased as a bundle with the zine. Tentative merchandise will be confirmed based on our Interest Check.
Q: Will there be a unified setting?
A: Although this is an alternate universe, there will be no unified settings. Contributors will be given the creative freedom to develop their own worlds while working around the theme.
Q: Are polyamorous ships allowed in this zine?
A: As this is a zine meant to celebrate EiMiko, we will not be allowing polyamorous ships, even if it involves them both. This is so that we can maintain focus on the both of them, and create as much content as possible about them.
Q: Is angst allowed in this zine?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this a fixed dynamic zine?
A: We allow fluid dynamics in this zine. As long as the content is focused on the characters, any dynamic or portrayal of the characters will be permitted.

graphics & layout

bio eimiko hate each other so much, they get married anywaydream eimiko wedding victorian au eimiko eloping after running away from their families

writing & sns

bio the shogun's gonna do lots of double takes during the weddingdream eimiko wedding for scara to sit beside shogun


bio Hey there! I'm Elionnee, a small artist from Spain who needs coffee 24/7 to stay awake ^^ EiMiko has my heart, I may have read most if not all the fics under the EiMiko tag and I still can't get enough!!

promo art

bio hi! I'm Jhorlie and I love to draw what I love and by that I mean beautiful girls in love just like eimiko.

cn translations

bio hi i'm charlie and eimiko are the epitome of love to me. its the yearning!!! the pining!!! the drama!!!dream eimiko wedding anything would be good at this point i'm just happy that their 500-year divorce is over

jp translations

bio Hiya! Call me bloo. I'm a sometimes fic writer and an all the time simp. I believe in Mona Megistus supremacy with a love for Hydro characters. Ei and Miko captured my heart from the outset, and I'm so happy to have a front row seat to their wedding ❤️

finance & production

bio Yo, I'm Max ✌️
Played Genshin for a year straight, now taking a 2 year break lmao. Still love helping with any fun projects! Toxic yuri ftw


bio Im just a sucker for people that love each other and weddings